Papers and Publications

Back down to Earth: reassembling Latour's Anthropocenic geopolitics [download]
(Published in special issue of Global Discourse.)

Earth, atmosphere and anomie in Douglas Trumbull’s Silent Running []
(Essay for ‘Reset Modernity!’ exhibition at ZKM, Karlsruhe 08/04/2016 – 04/09/2016.)

More than Two Cities: Extinction|Optimism|Austerity|Possibility [online]
(A response to Rory Rowan's 'Extinction as Usual? Geo-social Futures and Left Optimism' on e-flux.)

It's not a pathology, it’s a project!—Sociology, anomie and atmosphere
(Presented at workshop on 'The Anomaly in Art and Modes of Existence' at King's College London, 16th March 2015.)

On Law, Nomos and Gaia: Three Questions for Latour’s Legal Geopolitics [download]
(Presented at workshop on 'The Materiality of Law and Global Politics' at Universit├Ąt Hamburg, 24th October 2014.)

Technology as a mode of existence, geopolitics as composition
(Presented at 'The co-production of technology and geopolitics' at RGS-IBG, 28th August 2014.)

Latour, Lovelock and Sloterdijk on being imprisoned in the World
(Presented at the 'What is space?' workshop at the University of Warwick, 17th June 2014.)

ANT and IR, Offshore: Symmetry, Space and Materiality [download]
(Presented at the Millennium 'Materialism and World Politics' conference at the LSE, 21st October 2012.)

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