Thursday, 21 June 2012

Arial Sharon, Nuclear Blackmail

This is a pretty terrifying news story that seems to have passed by the mainstream media (but not Juan Cole):
Alastair Campbell’s serialized memoirs contain a ... revelation that in conversations with President George W. Bush in late 2002, then Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon threatened to nuke Baghdad if Saddam Hussein hit Israel with rockets again.
Those nuclear weapons that, of course, Israel will neither confirm nor deny that they possess! Is this really the behaviour of an ally?

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  1. This Juan Cole "story" stinks.

    First, the quote in Cole's piece implied to be from Campbell's memoir refers to Campbell in the third person - so it's clearly not from the memoir at all. Who knows where it's from.

    Secondly, when Sharon reportedly threatened to use nukes against Baghdad if Saddam fired rockets into Israel again, he was obviously referring to the use of the chemical weapons that Israel had issued gas masks for to all its civilians.

    The records (from multiple sources) show that Sharon and Israel were opposed to the Iraq invasion.